Array Block Beast 3D Scanner
Array Block Beast 3D Scanner
Array Block Beast 3D Scanner
Array Block Beast 3D Scanner
Array Block Beast 3D Scanner
Array Block Beast 3D Scanner

Array Block Beast 3D Scanner

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3D Scanner With Faster Speed, and Better Precision

Technology Principle

     Array block beast desktop 3D scanners with high-precision industrial vision sensors and lenses,modular building expandable body design,built-on on demand,with fully automatic dual-axis turntable,one-click for 3D scanning of different sizes and precisions.Ultra-thin turntable,integreted folding body for three seconds,small space occupation,convenient packaging and storage;three working distances for the body to choode from,refreshing cable management,magnetic installation,plug and play.

Technological advantage

Building block expansion  

     Multi-resolution Multi-precision Combination on demand

Ultra-thin two-axis turntable

     New industry benchmark

Hidden line position

     Say goodbye to the hanging cable,annoying little tail

Ultra-thin double shaft

     Second fold

Easy assembly

     Magnetic positioning 1 second in place

Product parameters

Scan Patterns

Turntable auto scan/free scan

Splicing Mode

Auto turntable splicing/marker splicing and manual splicing

Scan scope(fixed scan mode)

100*75mm 200*150mm 300*200mm

Speed of scan


Color mode

24-bit true color,support texture export and import,texture segmentation edit modification

Data format


Sensor resolution

130W industrial CMOS

Coded transmitter

LED cool light(human eye safety)

Working temperature


Equipment size




Adapter voltage


Max load of turntable


Recommend configuration

Recommended configuration

OS:windows7 64-bit

CPU:intel i5 processor

RAM:6G or above

GPU:NVIDIA GTX 750 or above



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