About TriPro

Officially founded in 2015, TriPro Technology dedicated to providing 3d printing and scanning solutions for our 3d makers, engineers, and designers.


Affordable and reliable, thats the guiding line in our manufacturing center, as of today, TriPro had launched FDM 3D printers, which features plug-and-play, pre-assembled for every type machine,  fully metal enclosure guaranteed safe and stable working environment. And price ranging from $500 to $8,000.


In 2017, TriPro launched a Structure Light 3D Scanner, which features 2 cameras with 3 million pixels, with printing precision at 100microns. 


In 2018, TriPro partner-up with Creator-Tec for DLP printers specially designed for Jewelry Casting Industry and Dentistry.  Boast of higher accuracy at 25micron using Texas Instruments Micro-Mirror Device.

The same year, We launched our service center at Denver, Colorado, USA, which will satisfy our USA-based customer for a better shopping experience with faster shipping time and hassle-free after-sale service. 

The road goes on, we welcome you to be on this journey together! 

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