Researchers 3D printed 'Silent Metamaterials' to reduce noise!

Recently, a team of mechanical engineers at Boston University designed an open 3D printed ring structure. It has been found that this structure can effectively eliminate noise while keeping the airflow through. Experimental results show that the structure blocks up to 94% of incident sound waves.
3d printing
The above picture shows the researchers testing the noise reduction effect. The researchers had two open loops on either side of the ear to test the noise reduction effect. Conventional methods of noise reduction usually use baffles. Although it can help reduce the introduction of noise, it blocks the flow of air while blocking the sound.

To do this, they calculated the dimensions and specifications required for the super-material interference to propagate the sound waves and created a structural part that reduced the sound of the speaker and completed the 3D printing production using plastic.
3d printed
It is reported that the shape of this 3D printed acoustic metamaterial can reflect the incoming sound. Inside the outer ring, the spiral is enough to help disturb the sound while ensuring the circulation of air. The researchers used the speakers to test. They sealed the speaker to one end of the PVC tube while securing the custom 3D printed structural member in the opening. By comparing the sound levels of fixed and unfixed metamaterials, the team found the device to block 94% of the sound.

Their research results are of great significance to some relatively noisy devices. Perhaps, in the future, equipment manufacturers will make some changes in materials and design, which will make these devices less harsh at work.
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