Introducing the most affordable 3d printer at our Denver office

When it comes to FDM 3D printers, reliable and affordable will be the main factors in your decision mind. 

Now, TriPro has this covered with our Model TP-3 and TP-10 3d printers. 

With relative 220x220x250mm and 300x300x400mm printing size, you can 3d print all the models within that size. 

Need to mention that, all equipped with heated bed , which will decrease the warping edge and guarantee a higher successful printing rate. 

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To celebrate the launching, we priced TP-3 with $237 and TP-10 with $399. 

What's more, free shipping across the whole United States. 

Now, time to get your 3d printers from TriPro. we are in Denver ready for help.  



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