How to Set Up Wifi Connection and APP on Android Device for Tina2 3D printer

As we've been mentioned before, Tina2 3D Printer is specially designed for home use. 

Today we will teach you how to set up the APP on you android phone, so you can control it via wifi. check the video for tutorial. 


All the innovative ideas from your kids will be realized through 3D printing. Enhance 3D spatial perception and imagination by touching 3D models. Print each part and assemble them to make your own toys. Enjoy the parent-child time accompanied by 3D printing with your kids.



Primary And Secondary Schools Maker Labs

We have established more than 100 school maker labs. Rich experience can provide perfect maker education solution for primary and secondary schools.


3D Printing Training Institutions

Mini body, simple operation, very suitable for training institutions.


Mini Size Lightweight

Small machine size 210*210*290mm, similar with an iPad Pro which is portable 3kg lightweight which takes very small space


Model Base

We have abundant model base,with toys, cartoons, practical life tools,arts etc. You can choose what you like from app and download to print.


WIFI Function

Download app for remote control. 


The platform is made of bendable magnetic material, so it is more convenient to remove the model, no need scraper.


Auto Leveling

After obtaining position data from the platform through measurement, the software will make intelligent compensation during the whole printing process to ensure the platform level, which is realized by non-contact magnetic induction switch.

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