From virtual to reality Amazon launches 3D printing custom game role service

The Amazon 3D Print Product Store announced that it offers enthusiasts personalized design and 3D printing services for multiple video games. These video games include "The Holocaust of God", "Original Killing" and "The Endless Sword".

According to Amazon, there are as many as more than 12 million combinations of poses, armor, weapons and accessories in the Endless Sword. These custom 3D print doll prices range from $29.99 each, up to $89.99 depending on size. And the site also provides personalized gadgets for consumers to build their dream character dolls.

These millions of different design combinations can be created using the various personalization tools provided by Sandboxr. They include a 30,000 method to create a customized "God of Holocaust" character doll, more than 12,500 selectable characters and poses in "Original Killing", and up to 12 million personalized customizable in "Endless Sword" combination.

“The game culture is full of passion and excitement, as is 3D printing. By combining these two worlds and allowing customers to design and personalize their favorite video game characters, we can make the fans feel more like their favorite games. "The Amazon market director Steve said, "At Amazon, 3D printing products are still in the early stages, and we are eager to provide customers with an opportunity to design unique items as freely as designers."

To build their own personalized role, the consumer simply selects the game character and launches the "Personalized Gadget". After browsing through a wide range of possible poses, animations, and accessories, consumers can carefully examine their initial favorite combinations with the 3D Product Preview feature. This preview feature allows the user to rotate the virtual model of the character 360 degrees and view it from all angles.

The rest of the work is very simple, the user only needs to complete the normal checkout payment process, their portrait can be completed according to the customized requirements 3D printing, and sent directly to the user's door.

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