3D printing rotating house: let everyone enjoy the beautiful scenery

Today, the work to be introduced to you is from Taiwanese industrial designer Shin Kuo of the University of the Arts in San Francisco. This is a rotating house made of 3D printing.
3d printing house
In most cities, the bottom of society often lives in the ground floor or even the basement of the building, while the rich are high above the top of the building and enjoy the view of “the mountains are small”. The pricing of residential buildings is usually proportional to the floor, the higher the more expensive, indirectly reflects the distribution of social wealth. Shin Kuo wants to break this mindset, and he believes that everyone should have the right to appreciate the scenery.
3d printing house
Shin Kuo puts forward the concept of “turn to the future” in his paper. Every household in the apartment building is a unit that can move independently. It is gradually rotated down according to the predetermined time setting. When it reaches the bottom. Then, it is lifted to the top by the internal crane, and spirally rotates cyclically to realize landscape sharing.
3d printing house
When rotating, natural gas, water, electricity and other pipes will be pulled out and re-inserted after the transfer is completed. To ensure the safety of the unit movement, the building will use infrared sensors as well as multiple braking systems. What kind of material is used in the unit, and how to smoothly rotate on the track is the next step to consider.

Although I don't know if it will be realized in the future, it seems that it is still very human. When the scenery outside the window is no longer static, and when several floors are no longer fixed, opening the door every day will have a new look, but remember not to open the wrong threshold.
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